Come and enjoy the fun and games every first Friday of the month at “Die Waenhuis”. The social programme is presented in collaboration with the 60 plussers, the part of the Dutch Reformed Church for older persons.

Join the members in Melkhoutfontein every Wednesday for a funfilled morning at the Soeterus Care Centre in Melkhoutfontein. They learn new skills and crafts, have a birthday tea once a month, often go on trips to interesting places and play games.

The group of persons with disabilities – the Fireflies (Vuurvliegies) – enjoy their activities every Tuesday at Soeterus. They paint and play with paper mache, work creative with recycled materials and make beautiful articles with mosaic. They also play games to stimulate muscle activity and for exercise.

A support group for family members of persons with Alzheimers meets once a month on a Tuesday at “Die Waenhuis”. Join this group for support and help, and to understend what is happening to your loved one. Alzheimer’s SA provides much needed support for this group of people.

The “Swop shop” is a recycling project for the learners of Melkhoutfontein.  This project serves a dual purpose – to learn the children the value of recycling for the environment and for them to “earn” from the recycled products.

Many unemployed members of the community have been trained as home-based carers and food service personnel. They are employed by the organisation and earn an income. Training and development of members of the community is of the utmost importance and form an integral part of the programmes presented by Jagersbosch. The development of staff members and members is essential.

The “Buitekombuis” Market takes place every first Saturday of the month at “Die Waenhuis”. The market provides the opportunity to members of the community to market and sell their homemade and handmade products, from clothes and jewellery to tasty food and cakes. Come and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and products for sale.

You are welcome to contact Jagersosch – 028  754 1934 – for more information on any of the projects mentioned. Join us as a members or a volunteer and improve your own quality of life!

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