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Would you like to spend a holiday in an old beach cottage and experience the way of living around 1900 at a seaside resort? Then make a reservation for  the Jagersbosch beach cottages.

The two beach cottages, Urheim and Friedensheim, are furnished  in the style reminiscent of the turn of the 20th  century.  Sit on the old verandah and enjoy the view of the sea or in spring the lovely wild flowers around the house. The best place for a lazy, relaxing holiday.

Costs: R500 per night (no more than 5 people) in Urheim and R350 per night (not more than two people) in Friedensheim. Self catering. There are restaurants, coffeehouses and shops within walking distance.

Contact: Jagersbosch 028 754 1934

History: These two beach cottages belonged to descendants of Daniel Heese, a Lutheran Church missionary and teacher from Germany, who settled in Riversdale, a town near  Stilbaai. Daniel and his wife, Pauline, loved family holidays with their children in Stilbaai. They had 15 children of which 5 passed away at a very young age.

The family came by oxwagon and the trip of 40km took two days to complete. The children slept on mattresses on the floor. They loved swimming, fishing and rowing in boats on the river. In the evening they played card and board games. The mothers and aunts embroidered or knitted and the fathers liked fishing, reading and stoep sitting.

Both beach cottages were built directly on the sand using wooden planks and corrugated iron cladding. The furniture was always secondhand.  Wooden chests used to transport goods from Germany were used to make cupboards. They built chairs and bookcases from paraffin crates.  Mattresses were made of straw.

There were no bathrooms and everybody either washed using a hand basin or went swimming in the river taking  a bar of soap along. Rainwater tanks and the natural sweetwater fountains provided drinking water.

By 1920 quite a few of the family members had wooden and corrugated iron beach houses. Urheim belonged to Lilly Klonus(formerly Heese) and Friedenseim to Julie and Frieda Heese. Some of his great grandchildren have houses in Stilbaai and some even retired there. The two houses were moved to Jagersbosch terrain in 2008.

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