1987-1988: In August  a group of Still Bay retirees get together to discuss the 50 local elderly peoples’ need for basic services. A committee is established. The Service Centre starts and the Municipality gives the old Jagersbosch farmstead and surrounding werf  to them.  Volunteers decide to restore the old homestead according to the Council for National Monuments’ requirements. 1989- 1998: The staff moves into the building on 15 August and the official opening is on 27 October 1990.   Permission to build a retirement complex is granted in March 1991. Two years later Jagersbosch can buy their first motor vehicle. The  Jagersbosch Council  decides in 1997 that the centre should operate as a corporate body with autonomy. The Jagersbosch Community Care Centre starts to function independently in 1998. A new constitution is  prepared and accepted and a funding number is obtained. The development plan is televised on national television. SOETERUS, 1994-1998: Mr Moses Kleinhans and Mrs Anthea Rossouw meet for the first time in 1994 and discuss the possiblity that something similar should be done in Melkhoutfontein. They manage to get funding from various organisations. In September 1994 building is started on the site. The official opening of the Soeterus Caring Facility with main building and 10 houses happens in June 1995. These houses were built mainly by women. In 1998 the Transito Care Unit becomes a reality. 1999-2000:Jagersbosch is proclaimed one of the winners of the Western Cape Provincial section of the  Mandela Masekhane Community Development competition. In   February 2000 Council decides to treat HIV AIDS patients. Jagersbosch appoints an executive committee. The Stillerus Transito Care Unit starts in September 2000. Their first Lotto application is successful. 2001-2005 :  Various funding projects are started: frozen dishes; Klipkat project; and  the Kleinkind project to make children’s clothes. In 2003 Jagersbosch introduces their new logo and mission: Compassionate care to create an empowerd and healthier community. They get their first e mail address. Two groups of carers are trained. In Melkhoutfontein  ten persons have housing and eight people are cared for in the Transito Care Unit. Jagersbosch has 340 members. The assessment done by the Department of Social Services and Poverty Alleviation is successful and Jagersbosch receives a bigger subsidy and certificate. The Palinggat Clinic is rented by Jagersbosch and they supply nursing services to the residents. The Transito Care Unit is now a fulltime caring unit and will in future be known as Stillerus Care Fasility. Jagersbosch gets their own website in 2005. The staff moves back to the new Waenhuis dining room and kitchen in December. Soeterus is ten years old and the residents and friends celebrate the birthday in 2005. 2006-2007: The new diningroom and kitchen is officially opened. There are 586 members. A tariff structure based on income is introduced. There are now 18 permanent  and part-time staff. Volunteers are also used.  Twenty carers are trained.  The Jagersbosch budget is R1,97 million. Jagersbosch has 650 members in 2007. The twentieth birthday are celebrated from 2 -5 August 2007.  The Lappiesbaai Kwilters present the three Stilbaai quilts, which are displayed in the new Waenhuis diningroom. The celebrations include a party for friends and family, brunch in Jongensfontein, snoek and sweet potato supper in Melkhoutfontein, the Werffees  in Stilbaai and a dinner on Sunday. 2008- 2012: The buildings of the Stilwaters  Care Unit is restored and enlarged.  Twelve persons can be cared for. The Soeterus Complex is enlarged to accomodate 22 people. The kitchen is also upgraded. The Department of Agriculture provides water tanks to be used for the vegetable gardens. Jagersbosch opens the SWOPSHOP, a reclamation project for children  started in Melkhoutfontein.  Die Vuurvliegie Project is a new project for the handicapped where they are taught to make products which can be sold. Twelve staff members receive Cansa training and one staff member  dementia training. Jagersbosch has  985 members in March 2012.


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