Jagersbosch Community Care Centre

The Jagersbosch Community Care Centre is situated in Still Bay, a small coastal town in the Southern Cape. The low crime rate, temperate climate and relatively good municipal service delivery make it an attractive retirement village for elderly in South Africa. In Still Bay you find lots of activites to join: reading club, writing group, bowls, tennis, gholf, fishing etc. Larger towns like Mossel Bay and George with excellent hospital facilities are within a 150 km radius and Cape Town only 350 km away.

Jagersbosch Community Care Centre is part of the existing community infrastructure to provide services for retirees and the elderly. It is a Section 21 Company and a Non-Profit Organisation, which specialises in providing medical care, food services and other supportive services to their members. All tariffs for the services are based on members’ income. Services at a price to fit your purse, motivate people to join Jagersbosch and to retire in Stilbaai.

Contact Jagersbosch if you want to get involved in our services and projects! 028 754 1934 or jagersbosch@vodamail.co.za

Buy your tickets for a wonderful seafood meals organised by the Stilbaai Chamber of Commerce on 2 November 2012. R 120 per person for a delicious meal and live entertainment! 

 NEWS: On 28 February the manager, Petra Daneel, announced that Jagersbosch managed to negotiate discount prices from 43 businesses in Still Bay. Every member was issued with a card which can be used to buy groceries, meals, gifts, paint, etc at discount prices.

NEWS: Membership numbers have reached the 1 000 mark on 25 April! Remember Jagersbosch as a worthy cause if you have anything to donate!

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