Health care services

Join Jagersbosch for peace of mind and compassionate services provided by committed personnel to ensure a healthier community. The emergency number – 072 246 7764 – guarantee services 24/7 for 365 days per year.  No need not wait at the clinic for your chronic medication – make the necessary arangements with the clinic and receive the medication at the Palinggat Clinic, or in special cases at home.  We believe in providing opportunities for and compassionate care to our community to create  a healthier community. With the help of the local medical doctors, pharmacists and physiotherapists it is possible to provide preventative health and part time/fulltime care services. The aim of preventative health care services is to monitor members with chronic (diabetes and hypertension) or acute health problems (flu, etc). In this way serious illnesses like strokes or diabetic comas can be avoided. These services are provided at the clinics and sometimes at home. They include: * care of the feet; *monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar levels; * testing of urine; * blood samples on request; * cholesterol levels; * PSA tests, examination of breast,PAP smears; *full washes. The Alzheimer’s Support Group provides valuable support and information to family members and Ondersteuningsgroep bied waardevolle ondersteuning aan familielede en persone met Alzheimer’s. Die groep vergader een keer per maand in “Die Waenhuis”. Kontak Jagersbosch vir meer inligting. Fulltime care services are provided as palliative or respite care to: *temporary or permanent frail persons; * terminally ill patients; * patients in need of post-operative care; * patients with chronic illnesses; *frail persons at home who do not want to or cannot move into an old age home; *frail persons who need short period caring; * any members of the community in need of home-based care. These services are provided at the home of the member, or in any of the facilities available such as the Stilwaters Clinic (12 beds) and Palinggat Clinic in Stilbaai. Also at the Moses Kleinhans Clinic (8 beds) and Stillerus Transit  Care Centre (22 beds)in Melkhoutfontein. Trained caregivers provide the services onder the supervision of trained, qualified nursing sisters. The nursing sisters are registered with the Board for Health Care Funders.

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