Jagersbosch and the De Jager family

The Khoi destroyed the historical homestead of the de Jager family built in 1809 near the palinggat (fountain with eels). In 1814 the reconstruction of the homestead started and the letters AJDJ (Andries Johannes de Jager) and the date were added to the pediment. Andries had 5 sons. His son, Matthys Johannes built the Jagersbosch homestead on the hill behind the Palinggat homestead. This house has a thatched reed roof with two end gables, and there is a lovely view of the mouth of the Goukou River and the old family homestead.

His oldest son, Phillipus Rudolphus (Flippie Platbos) married Alberta Hendrina Oosthuizen (Ma-Bartjie)  in 1899 and they have 7 children: Anna Margaretha Sophia Cronje, Thys (Matthys Johannes), Gert (Gerhardus Johannes), the twins Bertie (Alberta Hendrika) and Maggie (Magdalena Alberta), Klein Flip ( Phillippus Rudolphus), and Jacoba Elizabeth. Flippie Platbos was a rich man. He owned lots of farming land and sheep. He died in 1954.

From 1965 the homestead is neglected and unoccupied. The municipality decides to grant the house and farm buildings to the group of retirees , who wanted to restore the old homestead. This restored house is today the head offices of the Jagersbosch community care centre. (Information supplied by DR HE Fox in 2006)

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